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Specially developed for curly hair, Lowell’s Cacho Mágico Shampoo Funcional Magic Poo has a gentle and delicate cleaning action. Free of sulfate, parabens and petrolatum, it promotes natural hydration and protects the curls with a pleasant and non oily sensory. In addition, it has anti-frizz action and maximum shine. Indicated for curly hair.

Benefits: Totally sulfate-free, cleanses without drying out and stimulates the natural hydration of the hair.


Free of sulfate, parabens and petrolatum. It has anti-frizz action and maximum shine.

Application Tip

Apply the Shampoo Cacho Mágico Magic Poo Functional uniformly on damp hair and massage gently in circular motions. Rinse until the product is completely removed and repeat the operation if necessary.


Soft and moisturizing hygienization.

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