Lowell Cacho Mágico Humectant Mask Curl Hair Care 450g/15.2fl.oz


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Lowell Cacho Mágico Moisturizing Mask for Curly Hair 450g/15.8 oz

Lowell Cacho Mágico Umectante promotes deep hydration, indicated to recover damaged hair and improve the resistance of the curl against breaks. It also provides extreme nourishment, controls excessive volume and promotes intense shine.

The Mágico Curl Mask also strengthens and reduces frizz, and leaves a long-lasting silky touch. With it, your curls are healthy, shiny and ready to receive the perfect finishing that will define your formula.


Apply the Moisturizing Mask on clean and damp hair, lock by lock. Leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse.

Finish as desired.


Moisturized, disciplined and soft curls.

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  • Lowell Cacho Mágico Moisturizing Mask 450g/15.8 oz

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