Revlon Hair Treatment Uniq One Green Tea Scent Spray Mask 10 Real Benefits Hair Care 150ml/5.1fl.oz


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Hair treatment that offers 10 benefits in one product. A non-rinse mask that provides sublime, protected and shiny hair with health. 
1 repairs dry and damaged hair; 2 gives shine and control of frizz; 3 protects against the heat of the dryer; 4 softens and gives a silky feel to the hair; 5 protects hair color with UVA and UVB solar filters; 6 facilitates brushing and does not damage hair even using a board; 7 untangles wet hair; 8 keeps the hairstyle longer; 9 prevents split ends; 10 provides body and volume.
Vaporize over damp hair and finish as usual. Do not rinse 
Shiny, silky, protected hair

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