Revlon Hair Treatment Uniq One Spray Mask 10 Real Benefits Hydration Hair Care 150ml/5.1fl.oz


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Hair treatment that offers 10 benefits in one product. Provides treated, protected, shiny and healthy hair. 
1 repairs dry and damaged hair; 2 gives shine and control of frizz; 3 protects against the heat of the dryer; 4 softens and gives a silky feel to the hair; 5 protects hair color with UVA and UVB solar filters; 6 facilitates brushing and does not damage hair even using a board; 7 untangles wet hair; 8 keeps the hairstyle longer; 9 prevents split ends; 10 provides body and volume.
On wet hair: apply at a distance of 20 cm, disembarace the hair with the comb and finish as desired. 
On dry hair: rub the product between your hands and apply on the hair avoiding the root, if necessary touch up the hairstyle with the hair dryer or ironing board. 
Bright and healthy hair

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