Richée Mask BB Cream Ultimate 10 Mask Hair Post Progressive Treatment 150g/5.3fl.oz


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Richée Professional BB Cream Multi Benefit Mask is an intense treatment for hair with progressive brushes, which combines 10 benefits in one product: protection, nutrition, strengthening, softness, repair, frizz control, protection against heat, shine and easy brushing.

The smooth effect of the brushes is prolonged with the use of Richée Professional BB Cream Multi Benefit Mask, thanks to the presence of highly nutritious and protective ingredients.

The continuous use of the cosmetic will leave your hair always well maintained and with a splendid appearance.


Amino acids: rebuild and restore the lost mass Proteins: returns the hair mass to the hair, leaving it more restructured and full-bodied Keratin: strengthens the hair structure and the scales responsible for protecting the hair.

Application: After washing the hair with the shampoo of the line, divide the hair into 4 parts and apply the mask strand by strand. Fill each one to absorb the assets and let it act for 10 minutes. If you prefer, use a plastic or metallic cap to enhance the mask’s action.

Tip: For best results use together with the rest of the BB Cream line.


Its hair is well treated with nutrients essential for the health of the hair fiber.

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