Richée Professional BB Cream Kit Duo


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Richée Professional BB Cream Duo Kit is a multi-treatment for damaged or parched yarn. Cleans and conditions while prolonging the smooth effect of hair with progressive brushes.
Richée Professional BB Cream Duo Kit offers complete care to reduce volume and frizz, repair yarn structure, protect against damage from heat tools, nourish, strengthen, facilitate brushing, moisturize, activate shine and restore softness . With Richée Professional BB Cream Duo Kit, your hair will always be well maintained and nourished, and beautiful!
Contains: Richée Professional BB Cream Shampoo 250ml8.45fl.oz: Cleans and acts as a rebuilder and replenisher for fiber.
Richée Professional BB Cream Conditioner 250ml/8.45fl.oz: conditioning with the closing and strengthening of the cuticles of the hair.
Action: Protein: Returns the hair mass to the strands, restructuring their fibers.
Keratin: strengthens the capillary structure and scales responsible for the protection of the wires.
Amino Acids: Rebuild and replace lost mass, leaving hair fuller.
Application: Apply BB Cream Shampoo to wet strands and massage the scalp and strands to foam. Rinse, and if necessary, repeat the operation. Distribute BB Cream Conditioner only in length and tips and untangle. Let it act for a moment and remove completely with water. Tip: For best results use along with the rest of the BB Cream line.
Result: Your hair is clean and conditioned, with much more strength, shine and softness.

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