Robson Peluquero Professional Oxidante 10 Vol Emulsion Developer Master Mottles 3% 900ml/30.43 fl.oz


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Robson Peluquero Professional Oxidante Master Mechas 10 Vol Emulsion Revealer 3% Aminoacids Blend Protection and Treatment 900ml/30.43 fl.oz

Developed with excellent active ingredients, Robson Peluquero Professional Oxidante Master is a stabilized developing emulsion, to help in the bleaching process, protecting the internal structure of the hair.

It does not open the tone, only enhances it. It is usually used for totaling tone on tone on tone or when the intention is to erase a very open tone.

Its formula has proven efficacy and high quality properties. The Emulsion prevents the hair from drying out during the coloring and discoloration process.

The line is ideal for those who desire a lightening product that treats and protects the hair. Always use this product with a professional.


Mix with the coloring or bleaching powder in the quantity indicated in the preparation method of the product to be used.

TROTEST: Apply a small amount of product behind the ear. Wash after 40 minutes. Wait 24 hours and, if during this period skin irritation, itching or burning occurs, do not use this product.

Note: Professional Use.


Discolored hair in the desired shades.

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