Zap Revolution Keratin Activator Blue Thermal Fluid Tinting Ativador Queratina Hair Care 300ml/10.1fl.oz


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Revolution Keratin Activator Blue Fluido Termal Matizador was specially developed for blond hair to eliminate frizz, providing light tinting, nutrition and keratin replacement. Its composition has Keratin, Panthenol, Complex based on Carbocysteine and Amino Acids, provides restoration to damaged hair, sealing cuticles, alignment, shine and softness.


Shake before using. With clean and conditioned hair, remove moisture with the help of a towel, spray Revolution Activator Keratin Blue Thermal Fluid Tinting along the entire length of the hair and comb. Finish with brush and plank.


Perfectly aligned hair, light tinting, shine, softness, hydration and nutrition.

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