Zap Regenerating Mask Ztox Smoothes Eliminates Frizz Máscara Regeneradora Hair Care 250g/8.8fl.oz


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Zap Ztox Professional Smoothes and Eliminate the Frizz 250g/8.81fl.oz

Zap Ztox Professional was specially developed to facilitate the life of women who seek to have their hair smoother, without frizz and with maximum hydration.

Zap Ztox Professional mask promotes hair totally repaired, with intense shine and aligned, due to nanofix technology which acts from inside to outside, reconstructing all capillary fiber.


Wash your hair twice with Zap Shampoo Progressive Brush to remove the residues that oppose total foam formation. Rinse well.

Apply Ztox Capillary Zap Professional in fine wicks and pass the product from the root to the ends, respecting the distance of 1,5 centimeters. Let it act for 30 minutes and rinse.

Dry the hair and board in fine locks from 15 to 20 times.


Hair hydrated, soft and without frizz.

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01 Zap Ztox Professional Smoothes and Eliminates Frizz 250g/8.81fl.oz

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